Personal Training

pt_1Online Training
Custom Workout
Tired of walking around like a chicken with your head cut off? Or maybe you’re looking for the routine to help improve your least favorite attribute? With a one time custom workout plan, we can tailor to your needs inside or outside of the gym. $50/Month

pt_2Customized Diet
Meal Plans and Macros
So maybe you put away an entire pizza last night. Thats ok! With our customized meal plans we help get you back on the right track. Whether you’re in need of a strict plan, or you’re just looking to have healthy boundaries, we work with you to help keep you satisfied —¬†inside and out! $50/Month


MK2014_Oct16_0089Full Package
Workout + Meal Plan
The real deal. Don’t fall short on your fitness goals and have both your bases covered. Here, with unlimited plan adjustments to your training & diet we ensure you have everything you need. This package also includes face time or a one-one-one with your trainer.¬† $120/Month

In-Person Full Package
Like the idea of connecting in person? Meet one-on-one with one of our trainers to help push you through your workouts. Also, we will help keep you on track with your diet plan. “If we see it, we’ll believe it!” That’s our motto with this personal relationship as we achieve your goals together. $55/Hour

MK2014_Oct16_012090 Days to Success
Start Now, Thank Me Later
Wondering why you haven’t completed your goals. Have you fallen on or off the wagon? Maybe you are tired of living the way you are? Maybe your not quite where you thought you would be. This is a full on success and results driven program designed for people serious enough to change their lives and to start today. Invest in you and invest in your future. Stop saying tomorrow and start today. $750