Getting Started

IMG_9536You ever set a goal? You get so excited you do all sorts of research, make a big map, plan things out. Nothing can stop you from reaching that goal. Then, time, like this little gremlin with an axe comes through and starts hacking away at what was once this pyramid of hopes and dreams for reaching your goal. Time.

The good and the bad of this are that although time can be the worst thing for you, if you understand that things take time and that nothing is immediate, you learn to appreciate time and value it more. You value the fact that you have made a decision to do something. You have set a goal, and that although you’re not at your goal right away, in time you will be. You can also appreciate starting over, time and time again.

When you have a goal, sometimes there’s little hiccups along the way. Sometimes it is way harder than it seemed. Sometimes we get so far off track that we kinda lose sight of why we set that goal in the fist place. But, the joy of life is that we have the ability to make the decision to start over again. Anything is possible if you trust that you can reach your goals. Even if you try, and try, and try, failing hundreds of times. It’s great to fail. Why? Because it’s not really failure. It’s a step you take to get to where you’re going. If you “fail,” are you really failing? Are you just learning maybe what doesn’t work, or that you may need to go about reaching your goals a different way? Reality is that’s the case.Green light dreamstime_16973212

I personally have set goals over, and over, and over again. And each time I do I learn something. Sometimes, I learn more than I expected in a good way, and sometimes it’s a bad way. However, I sure do learn. And grown, from each and every time I get started, I learn. I try to appreciate the process and value the time doing it. (Not always but hey, I really work hard at it). In the end, if you don’t value that process, you can sometimes look back and wish you did. Instead, live with no regrets. Trust the process, and get started on what ever your dreams are. Do it, and embrace it. It’s your life, so live it!

Stay Healthy, stay happy

With love,


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