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I have worked with CNP Performance for over 3 years. Not only do I love and trust the high quality products that they offer I have been able to work closely with the CNP team. Keep an eye out for recipes and shakes from Lauren using CNP Performance products.

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unnamed (6)BAAAB

Building An Absolute Awesome Body. We all live different lifestyles and have personal fitness ambitions that are close to our hearts, taking great pride in striving to achieve them. If your purpose is to gain muscle mass, lose weight, overcome personal health obstacles, or just live a healthy lifestyle, BAAAB Apparel is designed for you.


downloadMary Kay
Cosmetics and Skincare

Faith comes first, family comes second, work comes third. Mary Kay Skincare and Cosmetics is my go to product for anything I use on myself. The brand I trust and love and a Company that is truly Enriching Women’s lives. If you’re interested in getting something for yourself click the link below. Mention and receive 20% off your first order. Stay tuned to my YouTube channel for fabulous ways to use Mary Kay Skincare Products.



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