About Me

IMG_8512My name is Lauren and I’m the lead Body Artist. I love helping women feel good from top to bottom and inside out — that means everything from hair, makeup and skin to body and diet plans. If you are ready to make a small or big change in your life — and love living in your own skin! — I can help you get there.

But first, I want to share a little more about myself and why I’m the perfect trainer and stylist to help you. Read on to find out more about my history in body building and the beauty industry.


My Fitness Story

2009 Summer beforeIT NEVER CAME EASY. Since day one I was a “chubby bunny,” happy to eat an entire box of Fruity Pebbles followed by a long list of boxed foods and baked goods. I never understood nutrition and I always considered myself “big boned.” Fast forward to age 13: I developed an eating disorder because I wanted to look like the athletes I went to school with. I learned hard and fast that this was not the correct answer, and finally accepted I would just be overweight; it was just the hand I was dealt. This all changed when I met my match. A man who would challenge me to think outside of my overweight box and fight for the life I wanted.

stage photo
 He was a natural athlete and I was tired of not being completely satisfied with my body image. And then it started. Away at college, I started with a little cardio outside, which led to my first gym membership. Not to mention the countless number of friends who would wake up at 5 a.m. to hit the gym with me, further motivating my goals. I was finally starting to enjoy it, but it still wasn’t enough. I started to see some good changes but it was time to lay the foundation. First came the diet, then a progressive training schedule, and finally some serious goals I set out to achieve. Eventually my match and I got married, and moved to the East Bay in California. The goals were there and it was time to get the education I needed to achieve them.

Goal 1: Compete as an NPC Figure competitor.

Goal 2: Become a certified personal trainer so I could help others achieve their goals like I did mine.

PAYING IT FORWARD. In short, I did compete and continue to compete in the NPC as an athlete in Figure Class A. I became a Personal Trainer in 2012 and continue to educate myself in the fitness industry. It can be challenging for me to stay focused, positive and keep a clear mind in all that I do, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love telling my story, staying educated, and sharing everything I can with my clients. But, more than that, I love seeing others achieve their goals like I have. Just as I was not alone in my journey, I intend to help all of my clients feel that same support.

The Beauty Industry

MY UNKNOWN TALENT. I have been a Hairstylist since I was a junior in high school (if you count the two years of schooling). I took ROP Cosmetology as a “fun” class and found myself waking up early every morning to learn about state regulations. It was not the “glamorous playing with doll heads” scenario I had in mind when I signed up, but, it was still fun and I had a wonderful time working with a variety of clients while in school. I graduated from beauty school and got my licence prior to graduating high school. I couldn’t believe how far I had come, and better yet I couldn’t believe the opportunities that awaited me in the industry. I took on a full time job managing a small salon and beauty retail store in my hometown before moving off to college. I did not plan on continuing my career as a hairstylist, I could never give it up.

A PASSION FOR BEAUTY. As I was finishing up my college degree it seemed wherever I went people would find out I was a hair stylist and would ask for my help. New friends and even old clients continued to keep in contact to have work done. It wasn’t until after I graduated and landed a “career” sales job that I realized I wanted to be back in the salon. There I was with a business degree, two months from getting married, and I knew my passion for helping people feel beautiful and confident was going to my calling in life. Today I work in a salon in Livermore, California. I am able to take a variety of clients throughout the week and I get to fuel my creative side daily!