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Welcome, Friends!

The Body Artists.That is you, me, and anyone else doing what they can to create a body image they love. I am here to help you achieve confidence in your skin from head to toe. How? I am here to; motivate, inspire, push, and provide you with the best tools available. Together, you will achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals.

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Lets Change Your Life

Make it a lifestyle! Small or big, from head to toe, my goal is to educate you and give you all the best information possible. We will work together on how to make the long term change you want, that will last a lifetime. Ask questions, get involved and take charge! But overall, let's have fun!

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Simply Be-YOU-tiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Have you always wanted to know those small, easy tips to perfect your makeup and hair routine? We I say head to toe I mean it. It is my greatest pleasure to help people feel good about themselves. To feel confident when looking at the beautiful person they see in the mirror.

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Stay Motivated

Need a daily reminder to work toward your goal? Easy! Just follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. I share the top tips and tricks. I would love for you to join this exclusive group of Body Artists! Subscribe to the blog and follow us on your phone @thebodyartists.

"No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart."

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  • Christina Campbell Christina Campbell 1

    Lauren is a dedicated and passionate woman who loves what she does. She takes pride in her work and simply adores making other women feel special and beautiful. Lauren has been my hair stylist for the past 3 years now, and I trust her expertise. Customer satisfaction is her number one priority, and she is AMAZING at what she does. My hair is always on point when I leave the salon, and my spirits are always lifted after spending time in her chair. She knows how to make your day. Lauren is the best!